Jocko Weyland Book Release and Reading From “Nobody There to Know”

1 October, 2012 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Jocko Weyland
Nobody There to Know

Book signing for a new publication of words & photos stemming from an antisocial yet fruitful autumnal excursion to Duluth, Minnesota

Edited and designed by Museum Studio, Stockholm
Published by Museum Paper
Imaging by Svensk Bokproduktion
Shake off Art Book Fair fatigue and come by Bookthugnation to drink free beer, check out Nobody There to Know, possibly interact with the author, and if in the mood stick around to browse and perhaps purchase from this great and essential bookstore’s eclectic, varied, and well-stocked inventory.
“Found out later Aerosmith was making their first appearance in Duluth since a blizzard made them cancel the year before. All hail the return of Aerosmith.  In the morning the fans were all at Pointer’s smoking and eating hearty breakfasts with their yelling and fighting kids and they were all wearing brand new concert t-shirts.”

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